Wednesday, 14 September 2011

Project Four Square

Not sure if anyone is familiar with this fairly recent development in the land of smartphones/internet tech crap...but I will fill you in anyway.

You sign up for this program, and then every where you go, you log in, and "check in" where you are. Basically letting the entire world know what's up. I'm not a fan of this program for a few reasons. Number 1, why do I want the world to know where I'm at? If you are important enough, you will be hanging out with me, therefore fully aware of what I am up to. Number 2, pretty sure it's an amazing application for burglars. The family who lives down the street just checked in, at Disneyland? Perfect, let's go break into their home and steal all their shit! And number 3, to be honest unless you are famous and seriously awesome....I don't give a shit that you are golfing somewhere in Virginia. I'm not going to go meet up with you. Oh you're the mayor of some Subway restaurant in Montreal? If that's one of your life accomplishments that's a little pathetic.

I can just see this blowing up in someone's face when they virtually "check in" at a spa in Las Vegas on Friday, yet they called into work sick. You'd think people wouldn't be that stupid but no doubt there are those out there engaging in this type of behaviour.

My husband is a Four Square culprit. I have told him time and time again that when he's with me, he's not to check his ass in anywhere. I honestly don't want people knowing that he took me on a date to Wendy's. The only positive thing I can see coming out of this, is that it helps me track him down. This morning I noticed he checked in at Heathrow Airport. Well I guess he's in London right now. Maybe by the end of the day he will be crowned the mayor of fish and chips.



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