Tuesday, 13 September 2011

The PVR Project

It's no secret I love television. And I also try to have a life on occasion. That being said it was pure ridiculous that my household did not contain a PVR/DVR whatever you call it, some type of video recording device so that I didn't have to bust my ass home all the time and park it in front of the tv and not move each night.

Last year I complained to my husband that homeless people probably have them and we don't. Which is likely the reason that he made me wait forever, until I truly valued the device and wouldn't take it for granted. I don't know, whatever. Needless to say, I nearly exploded when I found out that not one, but TWO digital recording devices would be installed in my home on Friday September 9th. This was going to be life altering. The tech arrives at 10:30am, and 4 hours later, we are apparently good to go. The unfortunate thing was that we immediately had to head out of town. So the entire weekend away, I was mentally programming my devices, loading them up with programs in my mind so that I could efficiently get to work upon our return. I was ready.

It turns out, that these super advanced internet based recording devices, (note the word record in the phrase) do not record anything! I mean I seriously went to town on this thing Sunday night, and set up every recording possible for the next year. Only to learn that when I decide to watch something, and access "recordings" it tells me I have none.

Obviously I'm physically ill over this. I've now missed two hours of the Bachelor Pad Finale. I check and it's still set to record. What is happening? WHAT IS THE POINT OF HAVING A DEVICE TO RECORD IF IT DOESN'T ACTUALLY RECORD SHIT?

I took a day to chill out over this clearly very stressful issue. Tonight I spent 2 hours on the phone with technical support and they are just as perplexed as I am. "So you're telling me your device is not recording?" Yes that's what I'm saying, the recording device that your company installed for me to be able to record, play, fast forward, pause and rewind, does zero of those things. She had me do test recordings, as if I'm a complete asshole and didn't try that before calling. Still nothing. After two hours and no progression, I will have to waste some more hours tomorrow morning when a resolution consultant will telephone me to make further attempts to resolve the issue of complete basic functionality failure of their equipment.

I'm not even excited anymore. The thrill is gone.

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